Haoyu Xiong

Hi! My name is Haoyu Xiong. I'm a visiting student working with Animesh Garg at University of Toronto and Vector Institute. I'm also closely collaborating with Stanford Vision and Learning Lab. Previously, I spent a wonderful term at UC Berkeley. I'm also a research assistant of Deep Reinforcement Learning Lab at my home university Tianjin University.

I'm broadly interested in robot learning. Specifically, I'm focusing on visual imitation learning for robotic manipulation.

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My research vision is to build robotic systems with a human-compatible ability to achieve generalizable autonomy in the real world. I believe understanding representations without the dependency of strong supervision plays a vital role in this goal.

LbW Learning by Watching:
Physical Imitation of Manipulation Skills from Human Videos
Haoyu Xiong, Quanzhou Li, Yun-Chun Chen, Homanga Bharadhwaj, Samrath Sinha, Animesh Garg
under review
We present an approach for physical imitation from human videos for robot manipulation tasks. The key idea of our method lies in explicitly exploiting the kinematics and motion information embedded in the video to learn structured representations that endow the robot with the ability to imagine how to perform manipulation tasks in its own context.
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