Haoyu Xiong

Hi! My name is Haoyu Xiong. I'm a full-time researcher at Shanghai Qizhi Institute advised by Cewu Lu. Concurrently, I'm fortunate to be advised by Animesh Garg at University of Toronto and Vector Institute, and collaborate with Danfei Xu, Ajay Mandlekar, and Huazhe Xu at Stanford Vision and Learning Lab (SVL).

Previously, I spent a wonderful time at UC Berkeley as a visiting student during my undergraduate. I obtained my bachelor degree from Tianjin University in 2021.

I'm broadly interested in robot learning. Specifically, I'm focusing on visual imitation learning, representation learning for robotic manipulation.

🥰 I am looking for PhD position in 2022 Fall, always ready to have a chat!

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My research vision is to build robotic systems with a human-compatible ability to achieve generalizable autonomy in the real world. I believe understanding representations without the dependency of strong supervision plays a vital role in this goal.

Transferring Visual Imitation Learning via Language-guided Attention
Haoyu Xiong, Ajay Mandlekar, Danfei Xu, Animesh Garg
Ongoing Project

RoboTube: Benchmarking Robotic Imitation from Human Videos
Haoyu Xiong, Jieyi Zhang, Chen Bao, Wenqiang Xu, Huazhe Xu,
Animesh Garg, Cewu Lu
Dataset, baselines, and paired simulation environments for robotic imitation from human videos.
Paper coming soon

Learning by Watching: Physical Imitation of Manipulation Skills from Human Videos
Haoyu Xiong, Quanzhou Li, Yun-Chun Chen, Homanga Bharadhwaj, Samrath Sinha,
Animesh Garg
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2021
🎉 Spotlight Talk, RSS 2021 Workshop on Visual Learning and Reasoning for Robotics
website / video / pdf / live talk

ucb University of California, Berkeley
Visiting Student, 2020 Spring
Graduate course: CS294-158 Deep Unsupervised Learning offered by Pieter Abbeel
tju Tianjin University
B.E, Sep.2017 - Jul.2021
Professional Service

Reviewer: ICRA, RA-L

Selected Rewards

UC Berkeley SAF Merit Scholarship, 2019

Outstanding Student Award, Tianjin University, 2018

First Prize in National Mathematics Competition, Tianjin division, 2018


15 years of NBA fan.


I am fortunate to be able to work at these great affiliations, all of my research or projects cannot be done without these collaborations.